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Between Solidarity and Racism – Ukrainian Roma*-Refugees in Europe


Bildungsforum gegen Antiziganismus Prinzenstraße 84.2 10969 Berlin
Panel Discussion on the situation of Ukrainian Roma-Refugees with activists and experts from Ukraine, Poland and Germany.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of people are fleeing from the war. In contrast to other – past and present – refugee movements, the access of Ukrainian refugees to the European Union is considerably facilitated. Nevertheless, many Roma refugees report discrimination and racism during their flight – both in Ukraine and within the EU.

Together with activists and experts from Ukraine, Poland and Germany, we will shed light on the situation of Ukrainian Roma in these three countries. What forms of racism are they confronted with? How can we fight this racism? And how can we enforce a solidarity that includes everyone?


Natali Tomenko is a Roma human rights activist and is working for the Agency for the Advocacy of Roma Culture in Ukraine (ARCA) and the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC).

Małgorzata Kołaczek is an Assistant Professor at the Jagiellonian University of Kraków and Deputy Director at the Institute for Intercultural Studies.

Yücel Meheroğlu is a scientific advisor at Melde- und Informationsstelle Antiziganismus (MIA).

Moderation: Tobias Neuburger, sociologist at Technical University Berlin and at Research Institute Social Cohesion.

Organized by the Educational Forum Against Antigypsyism and the Society For The Research On Antigypsyism


 Tobias Neuburger

Tobias Neuburger

Tobias Neuburger ist Soziologe und wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Zentrum für Antsemitismusforschung der Technischen Universität…
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